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Take and Sail L’industrie nautique

The French boat industry has enjoyed spectacular growth over the past forty years or so. It is now the world leader in the mono-hull and multi-hull sailing boat, inflatable and motor-boat sectors. France’s boat industry is also ranked fourth for boardsports and is a rising star for large-yacht refits kamagra .

Take and Sail Réglementation

Marinas are strategic tools for land-use planning and sustainable development. Marina facilities are at the heart of economic, social and environmental issues since the relationship between marinas, pleasure boats and the natural environment is now firmly established.

Although marinas were once regarded as independent of urban areas, they are now integrated into land-use planning projects and viewed as open to the local population. Marinas are living areas in which economic dynamism, culture, mobility and environmental friendliness coexist.

Take and Sail Chiffres clés

Pleasure boating has become more accessible as a community leisure activity and is no longer limited to a select few.

In France :

  • 84% of privately owned boats are 5-10 m-long.
  • 67% of rented boats are 5-10 m-long.
  • Current floating or dry marinas + boat parks only meet 60% of requirements.
  • 66% of boat owners think it was difficult/very difficult to find a berth.
  • 75% of amateur sailors agree that there is a link between prospects for obtaining a berth and deciding to purchase a boat.