Take And Sail - port à sec flottant automatisé en libre service

Although the total number of pleasure boats is increasing regularly, it has become difficult or even impossible to build new marinas: suitable locations have become rare and coastal-town residents are no longer prepared to sacrifice part of the coastline for this type of facility. The problem cannot be resolved by extending existing marinas. Boat buyers can wait several years to obtain a berth (5 years on average in France). A third of boat-purchase applications do not end in a sale due to problems with berths.


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This is the first time that a leading storage and distribution logistics company has shown interest in this type of concept.

Take and Sail Adaptabilité

You choose your berth location rather than take what you're given. Take and Sail adapts to the natural environment and lie of the land. Its self-supporting metal frame is suitable for land, coastal or mixed locations.

Take and Sail Evolutivité

Take and Sail is a modular dry stack marina concept: carousel only/ storage racks only/ carousel + storage racks/ carousel + storage racks + off-site storage unit.

Take and Sail Efficacité

Take and Sail eliminates waiting times and launches or stores away boats with unprecedented speed. Take and Sail works via a coupled carousel and anchorage/positioning system.

Take and Sail Une démarche responsable

This responsible approach takes account of  environmental issues (controlling marina pollution, complying with coastline legislation, cleaning boats with soft water recovered from rainfall), economic issues (creating new storage units, enhancing the value of marinas, preventing risks by retrieving boats from the water) and social issues (reducing arduous work, improving working conditions and facilitating safer storage, creating jobs).

Take and Sail Dynamique territoriale

Take and Sail expresses territorial dynamics by taking account of town, departmental and regional interests. The concept meets amateur sailors' needs while also optimizing impact on the urban and natural environment.

Take and Sail optimisation

Coupling the carousel and  storage racks unit optimizes floating berth management according to departure and arrival flows.

Take and Sail convivialité

A user-friendly flow management IT system for amateur sailors, as well as a clear, simple interface for operators. Available at self-service points for on-site requests. Also available on the website (with added-value services such as fuelling and resupplying) and as a smartphone app compatible with any device (Android, iOS, etc.).